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Electronics Experience can install satellite broadband to any property located on the Costa del Sol, in the country, on the coast or in the town you will receive the same high quality service and superfast connection. Unlike other internet providers, because Electronics Experience supplies your internet via 4G or a satellite you don’t need a telephone line, so there’s no waiting and you can be connected immediately.

"Electronics Experience" will provide you with access to a high speed broadband internet connection by using the latest technologies. We have various solutions to get you connected.


Who is this for? Clients on the Costa del Sol who cannot get Fibre Optic and who want higher than 10 Meg speed.

It’s simple…internet via satellite offers a high-speed internet connection that is 150 times faster than traditional dial-up, with ADSL2, for a price comparable to ADSL and is ideal for Andalucia clients unable to get fixed line services up to 120 gig per month.

Our competitively priced packages are ideal for home and business use, whether you need it for multichannel television, streaming TV, telephone calls using our Cheeptalk VoIP, streaming music or simply want Wi-Fi throughout your property, it can be achieved using the same satellite dish.


It doesn’t matter whether you live in the town or the campo we can provide you with 4G broadband internet subject to our technicians testing FREE OF CHARGE, with speeds of up to 60mbs per second, giving you the option to get your whole family connected to our EXP-TV Internet TV and high speed Wi-Fi in your home.

Please contact us for more information and prices.


Who is this for? Clients living along the Western Costa del Sol.

High speed internet transmitted from the mountains along the Western Costa Del Sol. Suitable for home Wi-Fi, computer connections, pads, mobiles and TV usage. FREE LINE OF SIGHT SURVEY. Up to 15 Meg speed with unlimited Internet. Enquire about this product and if it is suitable for you by filling out the form on the right.


10 / 20 Meg speed. This is an Air-4G product. Get your free survey.


Who is this for? Clients with no fibre optic, or line of sight to LTA transmitters.

This is a Movistar product. The Router will be installed by Movistar Technicians on request. We require 7 days’ notice for installation. Please liaise with our Technicians to install TV at same time. 10 Meg speed available.

Interested in getting connected with Fibre Optic Broadband Internet? See our packages here.

Having our technicians always available and our I.T. helpline close at hand gives you peace of mind

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Please ensure you add your address if you are enquring about Internet services as we need to know this to assess the best service for you, based upon your location. See our full product list here