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40 Years Experience in Spain

The Benefits of Fibre

Our reliance on the internet is getting higher all the time from the place we work to the home we live in. Online TV, gaming and more people in the household needing to connect all means we need to adapt our connectivity

UK Boxing Day Sport in Spain

Another Christmas tradition, apart from leftover turkey, is the sport. Football, cricket and horse racing are annual events on Boxing Day so don't miss out on your viewing

UK TV in Spain at Christmas

Christmas is a time for reflection, a time for families to come together and enjoy each others company and to embrace the times ahead. Or to watch all of your favourite Christmas UK TV Specials!

Expat TV Services in Spain

Our service is not just aimed at the UK expat market, we also have Scandinavian TV and even Russian TV services available, all easy to set up and watch via your internet connection.

LG OLED TV in Spain

Buying a new TV used to be a nice simple task. Most used the same technology so it was just a matter of the aesthetics and what suited your lounge better. These days there seems to be so many different types to choose from. That is why we are on hand to help you decide.

Best Internet Providers Spain

We hear so many horror stories from people that have moved to Spain and started to research the best Internet solution for their home. Broken promises, slow speeds and lack of customer service is sadly not uncommon, that is why we are proud to have so many satisfied customers.

UK Reality TV Shows

Our latest article looks at the continued popularity of reality game shows like Strictly, X-Factor, The Apprentice and Celebrity Jungle.

How To Watch UK TV in Spain

How To Watch UK TV in Spain

With X Factor and Strictly about to start and the return of the Premier League, now is the time to make sure you have your UK TV supplier in Spain sorted out.

The New Samsung Q6 Quantum Dot TV

The New Samsung Q6 Quantum Dot TV

Athough there has been no official confirmation from Samsung yet, the industry is waiting to see whether they are to launch a lower cost quantum dot TV for the mainstream buyer.

Estepona Property Experts

This is an advertorial which recently ran in the main free weekly newspaper for the Costa del Sol, the Sur in English. It explains the unrivalled experience that we have as a group and the professional service we always strive to deliver our customers.

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